Diamond Sauce



Diamond Sauce is made by blending distilled THC with live Resin. The reason is simple; it combines the rich taste and nose of live resin with the potency of nearly pure THC.

Shatter seems to still be more popular than live resin due to the potency. What live resin has in terms of taste, it lacks in strength when compares to shatter.

The resulting product is in the same strength range in terms of THC content, but it’s a bit different in it’s experience. The blistering potency of distilled THC picks up the sweet notes of the bud in its weaker resin form and turbocharges it.

Bottom line is that it hits as hard as shatter but as a more sophisticated aroma and and taste on inhale and exhale. The consistency is more gooey which can be tricky to work with. The lids are better too, much easier to get off.

Available in: Lemon Skunk, Pink Tangie, Blue Dream, and Strawberry Cough.